June 26, 2016 "Growing Into Following God"
When David was about to die he charged Solomon not to be a man, but to grow into a man who follows God. Are we just trying to be strong in God, or do we need as Solomon was charged to grow into people who follow God. With the Strength God gives us. 

July 3,2016 "Seeking The Glory Presence of God" 
We all need to wrestle with the question, "Where are the people who seek the glory presence of God?" King David charges Solomon to not only build the Temple, but seek the Glory Presence of God.

July 10, 2016 "David's Wish"
David had a longing to build a house for God, yet God had other plans. Nathan was given a message for David that God had trained him for other things. Are we looking to God for what He wants of us, or do we follow our own desires.

July 24, 2016 "Dedication of the Temple
Solomon dedicated a house to God. After the smoke and glory of God filled the temple God came to Solomon and warned what would happen. We need to know that God does not need our churches or ministries. He needs our heart. 

July 31, 2016 "Fatal Flaw"
Even though Solomon was the wisest king ever to rule he had a fatal flaw. We all need to become aware that it is only through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ can we face ours.