Faith Community church was founded in Hartford, CT in 1859, and re-organized 1879. As a body of believers they would strive to make the Holy Scriptures their one and only source for spurring one another to live in a way that was pleasing to God. Today, Faith Community Church still holds this tradition. It is a church that has come to appreciate that we are a family, and not a building. It is a family that seeks to encourage and lift one another up in the love Christ showed us and shows us, that is from the Father. If you would like to know more please come visit us. We would love to meet you.

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The purpose of Faith Community Church is to worship God. We read His word and let it guide us as we seek to nurture and edify one another in Christ Jesus; and to bear witness to His work in our lives. As God gives us the opportunity, we help reconcile people to the Living God. In this way, Faith Community shall strive to live out the Kingdom of God here in our church and in community till He comes again. All done with His Grace.



 Joel Peck - Pastor   -  
Joel grew up in both rural and urban New England. Because of this he has worshipped and served in churches in both  settings. When he was eight he felt the call to follow Christ's calling while at Camp Spofford, located in Spofford, NH. Before entering Seminary Joel served churches in Converge Worldwide (Baptist General Conference), and camp ministries affiliated with Christian Service Brigade. He attended Gordon College and afterwards felt the call to full time ministry. Enrolling at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary he worked his way through and graduated in 2011 with his Masters of Divinity. His passion is to work with churches in New England and help them reach the region with the Gospel of Christ.  

 Come and See -

We welcome all people to come join us and to see what God has done and is doing today! Our lives have been changed by the Gospel message!

"Come and see what God has done, his awesome deeds for mankind!" " Psalm 66:5



We are part of the Advent Christian General Conferences. We are a Bible based, Protestant, Evangelical denomination and part of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE).

To learn more, please contact us or visit the Advent Christian General Conference website.